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Sales of paraffin waxes - Production of candles


We have been selling paraffin waxes since 2010
Production of candles since 1995


The company was actually established in 1995 and was registered under the name Svitr Praha s.r.o.

Its core program was the business of selling paraffin candles. At the end of 2001, the exclusive representation of the French oil concern Unil Opal Atlantique in the Czech Republic was established and the original company was renamed Unil Opal CZ sro This company, in cooperation with the manufacturer of oils and lubricants, primarily on conformity, etc.).

The exclusive representation of the French manufacturer of oils and lubricants was transferred in 2005 to the Czech company Nacházel s.r.o., which continues to sell oils and lubricants Unil Opal …

Since 2006, Unil Opal CZ s.r.o. changes its name to Svirest s.r.o., changes its ownership structure and company Svirest s.r.o. begins business in the field of sales of paraffin candles and acquires a representation of the German company Heliotron GmbH, which manufactures table lamps with liquid wax.

In year 2010, Svirest s.r.o. begins to import for sale and production paraffin waxes.

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